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Yeast Infection Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment for Yeast infection

Yeast Infection in Women - What is it?

Yeast is a type of fungus, which is found in the vagina, in controlled numbers. Yeast infection is common in, women, and is said to have manifested itself, when, yeast population gets out of control. It is very common infection in women, and causes, its share of, inconveniences. But, it is treated easily, and is, not a dangerous condition.

Statistics suggest that, approximately, 75% of women, suffer from single or many occurrences of, yeast infections, during their lifetime. This infection is termed as, candidiasis, and manifests, when the environment is favorable for yeast growth. Moistness in genitals, is one such, favorable environment.

Why does yeast fungus, grow out of control, and cause infection?

Fungi, Candida Alibacans primarily causes, about 90% of yeast infections, in vagina. This fungus is found, in mucous membranes of, nose, mouth, vagina, in digestive tract, and on skin. Bacteria internal to body, regulates the growth of this fungus, but, when this growth is fast paced, it can cause an infection. Common causes, are stress and illness, which weakens a person and causes instability in, bacteria population. It is not categorized under STD.

What are, common symptoms to watch out for?

The initial symptoms are, not very noticeable, unless one is vigilant. Inflammation or minute swelling, proceeding into a lump, either above of below the penis, is the first sign of, this condition. This development may be slow or quick, but once vigilant, it is easier to identify, this condition. At times, an injury to penis, may cause this symptom to appear. Few of them may hear a 'crack', followed by bruising and pain in penis, even if, they had no injury.

What are the, common Yeast infection symptoms?

Typical symptoms of vaginal yeast infections include:

  • Uncontrolled vaginal itching.
  • Sore and red vaginal region.
  • Painful intercourse.
  • Vaginal discharge resembling cottage cheese in texture, besides being, white and clumpy.

This infection may also be found in men. It is more common, in men, without circumcision. Symptoms observed in men, are:

  • Inflamed and itching, penis, tip.
  • Red colored, rashes covering the penis.

Does Yeast infection occur in Babies - Diaper rash or Yeast infection?

Few diaper rash, may occur, due to, yeast infections. If a baby has worsened diaper rash, it is good to, get it checked for, yeast infection from a pediatrician. Yeast infection causing diaper rash, shows, the following symptoms: Fluid-filled, yellow colored spots, which breaks open, and appears flaky. Red patches cover the area, where diaper is used. It is more evident in, skin-folds, near thighs. It is best to, bring to the notice of, pediatrician, if baby develops, unusual or worsening diaper rash. Over-the-counter medicines should not be opted, for children, suffering from yeast infections. A pediatrician may suggest, topical anti-fungal medication, in the form of, cream, powder or ointment.

What is Invasive Yeast Infection?

It is a condition, wherein infection, enters one's, bloodstream. Invasive Candidiasis is, main cause of, patient deaths, during hospitalization, more so, after a surgery. It occurs, when yeast fungus, gets into one's blood stream. Once Candida gets into, bloodstream, it rapidly spreads to other parts, and causes candidemia infection. The symptoms of this condition are not same in every person, primarily so, because, it depends on, the organ, this fungus infects. But fever and chills are a common symptom in many patients. Also, there is no respite from chills or fevers, even after, an antibiotic course, is exhausted.

It is caused, when one's immunity system is weakened due to prolonged medication, or if one has had contact, with fungus contaminated, medical equipment.

A person is prone to this type of infection, when he/she:

  • Had been admitted to, intensive care unit, at a hospital.
  • Had to undergo surgery.
  • Has weaker immunity.
  • Had central line or catheter.

Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Yeast Infection

Ayurveda, is known to have cured many difficult health conditions, that, modern medicines could not identify. Ayurveda treatment, can cure, any health disorder, bringing balance to, your body, without any side effects. Allopathy on the other hand, may cause long term side effects, not to mention, spasmodic disease recurrence. Ayurveda requires time to heal, but once a person is patient enough, they can get over, their difficult disease, completely, and permanently. Which is why, Ayurveda is considered to be, holistic procedure, to cure oneself, from every disease, without having to suffer any side effects.

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