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Dr Hameed Ibrahim KHOKAR chief physician and director KHOKAR group of Clinic for SEXUAL DISORDERS & INFERTILITY, receiving token of appreciation from CPM Kerala State Secretary Sri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan in the presence of Malayalam film superstar Padmasri Mohanlal, for his distinquished services, at a mega event organised by Deshabhimani daily, in Thrissur.

Dr Hameed Ibrahim KHOKAR chief physician and director KHOKAR group of Clinic for SEXUAL DISORDERS & INFERTILITY, receiving token of appreciation from honourable Chief Minister Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, for his distinquished services, at a mega event organised by Deshabhimani daily, in Thrissur.

We have 60 Years of Excellence in Sexual Medicine and Infertility; we specialize in treating Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Male-Female Infertility and Venereal Diseases. Our Chief Physician & Director Dr Hameed Ibrahim has developed a unique Cell Detoxification and Regeneration Therapy (CDRT) which can effectively treat all major causes concerned with Male – Female Infertility. He has also developed a breakthrough Ancient Ayurveda Herbal secret formula for the incurable disease Genital Herpes HSV which can cure Genital Herpes permanently. Dr. Hameed Ibrahim has developed a unique Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT) which can permanently cure Premature Ejaculation without any side effects. With Dr. Hameed Ibrahim’s Ayurveda Rasa shastra, Rasayana and Vajeekarana treatment complete and permanent cure for ED is possible without any side effects, Natural and herbal alternative to Viagra with no side effects. The most trusted Clinic for Pre-Marriage and Post-marriage Sexual Problems and Infertility in Kerala, South India Since 1955.

Our Team of Physicians

We have a team of highly qualified physicians from both stream of medicine namely Ayurveda and Allopathy.
We effectively diagnose your condition and discuss your case with the team of doctors and come to a conclusion and adopt the correct protocol of treatment.

Patients from across the globe can consult us through Online Consultation, Phone Consultation, and Video consultation or can directly chat with our doctors online.

Sexual Dysfunctions and Infertility has to be diagnosed effectively by detailed discussion with the patient, therefore direct and personal consultation is not always required. Complete history of the disease can be effectively discussed by the following methods: Online Consultation, Phone Consultation, and Video consultation or direct chat with our doctors online. Required Investigations if any will be conveyed to the patient and it can be done and the reports can be sent online to us. Therefore patients from any part of the world can consult us online and after the final consultation and diagnosis, we will decide on the treatment protocol and medicines can be sent via courier to their location.

We are happy and proud to present to you the 4 generation of physicians who have dedicated their life to the service and betterment of the humanity.

  • dr_abdul_wahab

    Dr. Abdul Wahab

  • dr_muhammad

    Dr. Mohammad Syed

  • dr_ibrahim

    Dr. Ibrahim Jalees

  • dr_hameed

    Dr. Hameed Ibrahim

Chief Physician & Director

Dr. Hameed Ibrahim BAMS., DNHE., FRAS (LONDON)

Reg. No. 9257 (Registered under the Travancore-Cochin Medical Practitioners Act 1953)

Specialist Consultant in Infertility & Sexual Medicine

dr hameed ibrahim

Dr Hameed Ibrahim was born into a Family of practicing Ayurveda and Unani Physicians. His forefathers were Hakeem's and Vaidyans with commendable practice. Physicians of the family used to manufacture their own medicines which were dispensed to their patients. From a young age, Dr Hameed Ibrahim used to keenly observe and take guidance from his parents and grandparents regarding medical practices and preparation of medicines. He used to assist them in the manufacturing of various medicines. During schooling, Dr Hameed Ibrahim was brilliant in Science, especially biology and used to score top marks in the subject. His deep interest in Science and Biology combined with the family tradition of practicing Hakeem's and Vaidyans inspired him to choose Medical Education as a profession. Though he could easily get a seat in Allopathic Medical College he joined Ayurveda Stream because of his deep interest and family background. He joined BAMS Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in the Top Institution named Shri Kalabhairaveshwara Swami Ayurved Medical College affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences (RGUHS) located in Bangalore, Karnataka run by the famous Adichunchungiri Mahasamsthana Matt Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji.

During his medical study he was a well known name in the institution because of his deep knowledge and good oratory skills and used to debate in various medical topics with the top professors of the institution. The concepts of Ayurveda and its correct interpretation with Human Body and Modern Medical Science was what Dr Hameed Ibrahim came to be known for, in his entire Institution during his BAMS study.

During his medical study (BAMS), along with Ayurveda principles Dr Hameed Ibrahim was equally interested in acquiring deep knowledge in Allopathic system of medicine and he used to study the various streams in allopathic system of medicine namely Physiology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Andrology, Urology, Cardiology, etc with his own efforts and with the help of his Professors. Dr Hameed Ibrahim used to work as a trainee in various Allopathic and Ayurveda Hospitals from his second Year of Medical Study itself. Because of these intense efforts shown by him from the second year of BAMS, he was a favourite of all Professors and the Principal. During the final years of his BAMS he had tremendous and deep knowledge in all streams and passed BAMS with top distinction marks.

After his BAMS, Dr Hameed Ibrahim wanted to do his Internship back in Kerala to know and study in deep the Kerala Ayurveda Treatments and concepts. He worked in Various Government Ayurveda Hospitals all over Kerala including the well known and world famous Arya Vaidya Shala Kotakkal Ayurveda Hospital and Kotakkal Ayurveda Mental Hospital. During his practice he acquired in-depth knowledge in Pancha Karma and general practice. After his successful training and completion of internship, Dr Hameed Ibrahim wanted to do something of his own rather than work under some hospital. With his deep and exhaustive knowledge in Ayurveda as well as Allopathy, he could establish a hospital of his own. He wanted to expand his family tradition of practice globally and he started his own Ayurveda Treatment Centre KHOKAR in Kochi, Kerala. During his practice, he developed a keen interest in treating Infertility and Sexual Disorders. He was already familiar with this field of medical treatment, as his ancestors were specialized in treating Infertility and Sexual Disorders.

He was always in thirst for knowledge in treating the Incurable diseases. His thirst was quenched when we developed a Unique HERBAL FORMULA to treat and cure the incurable Sexually Transmitted disease called as Genital Herpes caused by HSV. This discovery made him very popular and patients started reaching him from all over India and as well as globally. To cater to the needs of his Global patients Dr Hameed Ibrahim started a website to connect and treat with his patients globally.

His fame doubled when he discovered yet another breakthrough Cell Detoxification and Regeneration treatment (CDRT) for Male – Female Infertility where in results was seen within few weeks of treatment. During a scenario of globalization and popularization of IVF AND ICSI treatments adopted by Allopathic Doctors this discovery of Dr Hameed Ibrahim changed the scenario of MALE AND FEMALE Infertility. Compared with the cost and expenses of IVF treatments Dr Hameed Ibrahim could give a new life and hope to Infertility with very quick results at a cheaper cost.

Dr Hameed Ibrahim has represented his work on Male Female Infertility with regards to his Cell Detoxification and Regeneration treatment, Erectile Dysfunction, Genital Herpes and other STI's in various seminars, national and International Ayurveda Medical Journals.

Dr Hameed Ibrahim is still doing research and development for the Incurable diseases like HIV, AIDS, AZOSPERMIA (Sertoli Cell only Syndrome, Germ Cell aplasia), Leprosy, Auto immune Disorders etc.

Team of Other Physicians at KHOKAR
  • Dr. Abhilash B G

    Dr. Abhilash B G

    Specialist in Skin and Pancha Karma
    BAMS Reg No 9599
    President Ayurveda
    Medical Association of India
  • Dr. Vipin Pc

    Dr. Vipin Pc

    Reg No 9431
    Assistant Professor KMCT
    Ayurveda Medical College
  • Dr. P.R Rajana

    Dr. P.R Rajana, BAMS

    Specialist in Gynaecology & Pancha Karma
  • Dr. Pranav Kumar

    Dr. Pranav Kumar

    Geriatrician& Diabetologist
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh

    Dr. Manmohan Singh

    BAMS, Reg No. 3129
    Specialist Consultant in
    Andrology and Sexual Disorders
  • Dr. Sajana

    Dr. Sajana, BAMS

    Specialist in
    Gynaecology and Pancha Karma
  • Dr. Amulya

    Dr. Amulya, BAMS

    Specialist in
    Gynecology & Women's Disease

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