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Treatment for Sexual problems in Women/Female

Treatment for Sexual problems in Women/Female India kerala kochi

Sexual problems faced by Women

Khokar Speciality Ayurveda Clinic, being the harbinger of variety of Siddha and Ayurvedic treatments, every woman, now, can be cured of, all types of sexual discomforts. Our 60 years of, experience accretion, is our cherished treasure, which helps us, promote health, and grow along. Our composite herbal medications, which are right mix, of required herbs, to bring about, body balance to its normal, is very effective. Our treatments are, cost effective, and promise a life of harmony, without having to suffer from diseases. Few common diseases and discomfort that, women face, are described below.

Vaginal Dryness interfering with intercourse

A dry vagina is characterized as, inherent, with insufficient sexual arousal to a woman. It can interfere with, intercourse, making it painful. Absence of lubrication, and excitement or interest in, sexual acts, causes painful intercourse. Lack of arousal, may be triggered, due to many reasons, one among which is, aversion to sex. This is also categorized as, aversion disorder, or arousal disorder.

Sex is no pleasure

This condition is also, tied up with arousal disorder for women, and indicated as, nominal or zero lubrication, once a woman is sexually excited. Sometimes, sexual excitement is completely absent, as vagina is never relaxed. It was observed in a study that, women lacked sexual arousal, which is why, vagina never relaxes, and causes, pain during sexual intercourse.

Smelly Discharge wrecking havoc

Swet Pradar or scientifically called Leucorrhoea, is a condition, wherein, genital tract's mucus membrane, releases white discharge. This discharge is caused, due to, untidy practices and/or bad health condition. Sometimes, discharge color may vary from grayish white to pale white. Its normal for white discharge to be visible, before, or after, monthly menstruation. It becomes a disorder, only when, the discharge is heavy and/or is, smelly. Ayurvedic herbs, are known to treat Leucorrhea, effectively. At Power Ayurveda Clinic, we would suggest, our composite mixture of, herbs and supplements, coupled with, meditation techniques and yoga. We recommend that, you change your lifestyle, and adhere to a balanced diet, so that, all techniques, conjoin to, yield, a healthy, active and balanced you, who enjoys sexual pleasures, without worrying about any discomforts.


This condition is identified with, involuntary contractions of vagina, causing the vagina to be closed, hindering, the male penile entry. It is very painful condition, causing one to lose all interest in sex, and, may also cause, aversion to sex. It occurs, as introits muscles, suffer spasms.

Absent Sexual Orgasms

Women are known to have, potential for experiencing, multiple orgasms. But, a disorder, which causes, no orgasms, even after indulging, into satisfactory sexual acts, is called absent or inhibited orgasm. Women suffering from this condition, may show, normal behavior, when it comes, to, seeking sex, excitement shown in sexual indulgence, etc, but they may never reach a climax. Which may be also due to Infertility in Women

Postponing sex, due to poor sex drive

When a woman's desire, for sex is, below average, making her, postpone sexual rendezvous, she is said to be suffering from poor sex drive. Such poor libido, can cause dissatisfaction to her partner, and affect their sex frequency, and thereby their relationship, in long run. It may also lead to, psychological disorders.

Poor self Image portrayal

A woman's confidence, is an attractive trait, that mesmerizes many men. Many a times, a woman, has a poor self image, in her mind, causing her to, limit her confidence and be open. This image, is formed, according to her body structure and health. For example, voluptuous curves and beautiful big breasts are, what every woman wants to have. If a woman has, small, saggy breast, she is bound to, construct a poor self image, which, reflects in everything, even in, sexual relationship. It is understood that, a woman is more sexy and appealing, with, huge, shapely, firm breasts, with sharp cleavage. Thankfully, Ayurveda, offers treatment to return, health and vigor, to your saggy breasts. If your relationship is suffering because of, inappropriate breast, it is time to seek ayurvedic options for remedy.

Different Sexual Orientation

Women, with different sexual orientation, experiencing embarrassment to declare it, may ruin, many lives. Lesbianism is a term which defines, different sexual orientation. In women, this may cause them to, be attracted to, other females, and seek, sexual pleasures, from female partners.

Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Sexual problems in Women

Ayurveda, is known to have cured many difficult health conditions, that, modern medicines could not identify. Ayurveda treatment, can cure, any health disorder, bringing balance to, your body, without any side effects. Allopathy on the other hand, may cause long term side effects, not to mention, spasmodic disease recurrence. Ayurveda requires time to heal, but once a person is patient enough, they can get over, their difficult disease, completely, and permanently. Which is why, Ayurveda is considered to be, holistic procedure, to cure oneself, from every disease, without having to suffer any side effects.

Be open and contact us, with your problems, just fill out this form and, leave the rest to us. To fasten process of, order dispatch, we have online payment option too. Khokar clinic offers, free consultations, in every specialization. We help identify all kinds of diseases. All our client's data is secure with us, be it health history, or medical data, or contact information, we believe in, keeping them confidential. All your personal data is never shared, with anybody. We do not intend to share them, for personal gain, but always use it to, suggest perfect solution to your health concerns.

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