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Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease - What is it?

Peyronie's disease or PD, is observed as, fibrosis hardening, in penis. This condition is named, after, surgeon Francois de la Peyronie, from France. He was surgeon to, King Louis XV. In this disease, scar tissues begin to form, along the, erectile tissue, lining. This plaque or lump, causes the, penis to bend. This lump is usually hard and results in, inconvenience during, normal penile stretch and alters, shape and size of, erect penis. This may affect, erectile functions of penis, and interfere with, sexual activities. When this is observed, it means that, plaque has infected, arteries and muscles of, penis.

Is Peyronie's disease, common?

It is difficult to, provide correct statistical data, when it concerns, Peyronie's disease, because, men find it embarrassing to, show to a doctor, or describe its symptoms. Sometimes, they are not vigilant enough, until the problem, interferes with their normal activities. Although a study has concluded, that one in eleven men, who visited a doctor, assuming another condition, were diagnosed with PD.

What are, common symptoms to watch out for?

The initial symptoms are, not very noticeable, unless one is vigilant. Inflammation or minute swelling, proceeding into a lump, either above of below the penis, is the first sign of, this condition. This development may be slow or quick, but once vigilant, it is easier to identify, this condition. At times, an injury to penis, may cause this symptom to appear. Few of them may hear a 'crack', followed by bruising and pain in penis, even if, they had no injury.

The other evident symptoms, once the condition has progressed, are:

  • Constant pain in penis.
  • Reduction in flexibility.
  • Few cases observe shortened or curved penis, when erect.
  • Sometimes, one has hour-glass contortion, of penis on one side.
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection, is a common visible symptom.
  • Few cases, observe, hardened penis area, up to, scar, and flaccid after that point.

Why does, one get Peyronie's disease?

It is unclear, why PD is caused, but, it is assumed to occur, when one, repeatedly, bends or bumps their erect penis. This causes, tearing and results in, inflammation and plaque, in erectile lining, when it does not heal naturally, as the blood vessels burst and obstruct the flow of blood.

Injury caused due to, bumping results in swelling, or area becoming hot and/or red. It heals within an year, but may take longer, due to which scarring is observed.

Men suffering from, conditions pertaining to immune system are prone to this, disease, even after a simple penis injury.

Men who have attained puberty are prone to, PD, but the observed age group of, disease occurrence is, 45 to 60 years.

Is Peyronie's disease cancerous?

Although the lumps formed in PD, are non-cancerous, it is a major cause of concern, because, it affects sex life, of a person. This is so, because sexual activity is hindered, as erections are difficult to sustain. On the whole, PD can affect, negatively on, physical and emotional, well being of a person.

How does Peyronie's disease interfere with, sexual activities?

In its early phase, men may observe pain in penis, when achieving an erection. This may cause, unsatisfied, sexual desire and create problems in sexual relationships.

If PD is very mild, the penis may not, show the bend, caused due to lumps and, may not, upset much, during an intercourse.

In case, PD is moderate or in an advanced stage, it may cause, absence of erection, deformed penis or pose problems, when achieving an erection.

Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Peyronie's disease

Ayurveda, is known to have cured many difficult health conditions, that, modern medicines could not identify. Ayurveda treatment, can cure, any health disorder, bringing balance to, your body, without any side effects. Allopathy on the other hand, may cause long term side effects, not to mention, spasmodic disease recurrence. Ayurveda requires time to heal, but once a person is patient enough, they can get over, their difficult disease, completely, and permanently. Which is why, Ayurveda is considered to be, holistic procedure, to cure oneself, from every disease, without having to suffer any side effects.

Be open and contact us, with your problems, just fill out this form and, leave the rest to us. To fasten process of, order dispatch, we have online payment option too. Khokar clinic offers, free consultations, in every specialization. We help identify all kinds of diseases. All our client's data is secure with us, be it health history, or medical data, or contact information, we believe in, keeping them confidential. All your personal data is never shared, with anybody. We do not intend to share them, for personal gain, but always use it to, suggest perfect solution to your health concerns.

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