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Am Suneer PH aged 34 married resident of Chengamanadu. It's been 3 years of my marriage and till now I did not have intercourse with my wife. I never get a good erection for the intercourse to take place; the situation was so worsened that the marriage was going to end in a divorce, I was mentally broken I tried many products which I saw from the various advertisements in papers but for no results.

I happen to see Dr Hameed Ibrahim?s KHOKAR Specialty Clinic advertisement in the leading new paper. I contacted the doctor and fixed up the appointment. After the detailed consultation for 45 minutes doctor told me that am suffering from chronic Erectile Dysfunction. The Doctor told me start the treatment as soon as possible. After a detailed counseling session the doctor gave me medication for One month. I was little happy after the consultation but still had many questions in my mind whether the treatment will work out for me or not.

I soon started to take the medicines with true heart as told by the doctor. After 15 days I started to feel the difference in me, I was happy and got my confidence back. I continued the medication and after 30days as told by the doctor I got 40 % results and I started to get proper erection but still not firm enough for the intercourse. After 30 days I went back to the doctor for medication for the next month and told the present scenario of my condition. The doctor was very confident in saying that as the results have already started it will surely improve with second month medication and it surely did.

By the end of the second month I was very very happy as I did the intercourse for the first time of my life. Me and my wife were so happy that my wife wanted to thank the doctor. After the medication got over we went to see the doctor. After waiting for 2 hours our turn came and we both went inside happily. My wife was very happy and even me. The doctor told us to continue the medication for another 2 months for 100 % results and for the permanent result to take place in my body. I took medicines for another 2 months. After the completion of the course as told by the doctor I was 100 % cured of my problem of Erectile Dysfunction we both were very happy and thankful to Dr Hameed Ibrahim.

This is my true story not a usual made up testimonial. You can contact me on

MOB: 9847227419, 0484-2474636

Thank You

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